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Jan 17

Why and How To Develop a Metric for Customer Culture (Part 2)

This post is Part 2 in a series and discusses Phases 4-6 of the process used to develop the Market Responsiveness Index (MRI™), a customer culture assessment tool and metric developed by MarketCulture Strategies (MCS), headquartered in Sydney and Monterey, CA.  A previous post last week discussed the first three phases of the process.



The six-phase program (see diagram) began in 2007, ran through 2012, and its...

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Jan 11

Why and How To Develop a Metric for Customer Culture

The good news for you, dear reader, is that such a metric already exists. This post is about why and how it was developed. The metric is called the Market Responsiveness Index (MRI™) and it was developed by a company called MarketCulture Strategies (MCS), headquartered in Sydney and Monterey, CA.

About three years ago I saw the need for and was working on a framework and associated metrics for customer centricity.  It took a...

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Jan 26

What's Your Company's Market Responsiveness Index?

Intersection of Marketing and Organizational Sciences

When I tell people that my company, ViewForward Business Advisors, operates at the intersection of marketing and the organizational sciences my sense is that they are thinking to themselves “I have no idea what this guy is talking about.”  To clarify I often say that one of the things we do is help companies become more customer-centric and then they usually start...

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Apr 26

ViewForward Is Now In Texas!

Where have I been, you ask?  It has been eight months since my last blog post so you might have been wondering what was going on. 

Well, actually, quite a bit!

At the time of my last post we were in the middle of selling our house in Massachusetts and preparing to move to Texas.  The house sold at the end of October and we moved to the Dallas-Ft. Worth area just a couple of days after the closing.  I’m happy to report that...

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Aug 17

Where Does Marketing Belong in the Conceptual Hierarchy of Your Business?

In my last post (For Greater Impact Think of Marketing as an Ideology) I said that business leaders should think of marketing as an ideology. In this post I want to explain why.

Let me say at the outset that the aim of this post is not to claim high status for the marketing function. In fact it is not about the marketing function at all. Instead it is about where marketing belongs in the conceptual hierarchy of a business,...

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