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Feb 12

Customer Insight: Beyond VOC and Customer Journey Mapping


In this post I’m going to write about Customer Insight, one of the eight disciplines of Customer Culture. I’ll cover what customer insight is, the business case for it, and how it links to strategy and business performance. I’ll also talk about where insights come from to help explain why most companies aren’t very good at generating them.

If you are like most readers you probably feel that you have some idea about...

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Jan 31

Top 12 Reasons You Should Measure Customer Culture


Here are the top 12 reasons you should measure customer culture. To the best of our knowledge, the Market Responsiveness Index (MRI™) from MarketCulture Strategies is the only direct measure of customer culture available today. If you are aware of another one please let us know. We and our readers would be grateful to you for bringing it to our attention.

01 Culture is fuzzy to most of us. Measurement makes customer...

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Jan 25

The 8 Disciplines of Customer Culture: Comparing 2 Real Companies


In my previous two posts I provided some background on the development process and science behind the Market Responsiveness Index (MRI™).  With that foundation in place, in this post I’d like to give you an overview of the elements of the MRI and discuss the actual results for two real companies.

The MRI tool, which is an assessment survey, measures the eight disciplines of a customer culture shared by all...

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Jan 17

Why and How To Develop a Metric for Customer Culture (Part 2)

This post is Part 2 in a series and discusses Phases 4-6 of the process used to develop the Market Responsiveness Index (MRI™), a customer culture assessment tool and metric developed by MarketCulture Strategies (MCS), headquartered in Sydney and Monterey, CA.  A previous post last week discussed the first three phases of the process.


6-Phase MRI Development


The six-phase program (see diagram) began in 2007, ran through 2012, and its...

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Jan 11

Why and How To Develop a Metric for Customer Culture

The good news for you, dear reader, is that such a metric already exists. This post is about why and how it was developed. The metric is called the Market Responsiveness Index (MRI™) and it was developed by a company called MarketCulture Strategies (MCS), headquartered in Sydney and Monterey, CA.

About three years ago I saw the need for and was working on a framework and associated metrics for customer centricity.  It took a...

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