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Jun 2

Is the Marketing Department Losing Influence?

In my last post (Is Marketing in Decline?) I talked about “The Decline and Dispersion of Marketing Competence” by Frederick E. Webster Jr., Alan J. Malter, and Shankar Ganesan published in the Summer 2005 issue of MIT Sloan Management Review.

As promised, in this post I’ll talk about a 2015 paper on a closely-related topic.  The paper is “The Loss of the marketing department’s influence: is it really happening? And why worry?...

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May 18

Is Marketing In Decline?

In my last post I introduced the distinction between “MARKETING” and “Marketing.” I ended that post by noting that the statement (via Peter Drucker): “Concern and responsibility for MARKETING/Marketing must therefore permeate all areas of the enterprise” has an entirely different meaning depending on which version of the word marketing is used.  Adopting the former meaning would result in an organization driven to collaboratively...

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May 1

MARKETING, not Marketing, Leads to Superior Business Performance

In this post I’d like to open up what will probably become a recurring topic on this blog: The State of Marketing.

I thought I could break away from Peter Drucker (see my previous three posts) but not quite yet.  In this post I want to focus in on the following statement, once again taken from his book The Practice of Management.  It provides an excellent basis for this first post about the current state of...

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Mar 20

The Two Entrepreneurial Functions: Marketing & Innovation

In this post I'd like to wrap up my comments on the Peter Drucker quote that I covered in two previous posts (The Purpose of a Business and Welcome).

Immediately following the section, The Purpose of a Business, where he establishes why "to create a customer" is the only valid definition of business purpose, Drucker next goes on to describe the two entrepreneurial functions he feels fulfill that purpose. I have included the...

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Mar 10

The Purpose of a Business

As follow-on to my previous post (Welcome) I thought it might be helpful to provide some context on the quote from Peter Drucker about marketing being one of the two, and only two, basic functions of a business enterprise (the other being innovation).

The quote appears in Drucker's "The Practice of Management" written in 1954. The book is about management as a discipline; it is not about marketing. Peter Drucker was a writer,...

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