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Here are some answers to questions you may have.

  • Is ViewForward a Customer Experience consultancy? +

    We're a business consultancy focused on business performance via customer centricity. We help leaders build customer-centric companies and we work at the enterprise capabilities and mindsets level rather than at the customer experience (CX) program level. Of course, customer-centric companies are uniquely capable and eager to provide an exceptional customer experience. We know many of the excellent CX-specific companies out there and we'd be happy to point you in the right direction.

  • Why the focus on company culture? +

    In our experience you don't really have a customer-centric company until a customer-centric mindset guides everything everyone in your organization does. That's cultural.

  • Why should I use the MarketCulture® Framework/System? +

    Because we know that a customer-centric culture drives future profit and sustainable growth. We also know that in most organizations "customer focus" is often unclear, unfocused, not connected to the business and lacks tangibility for both leaders and employees.

  • What does it do? +

    It provides a proven framework and road map for creating a superior customer-centric culture with measurement along the way that benchmarks your progress. It is a catalyst for change through benchmarking the customer-centric behaviors of your organization, group, or team against the most customer-centric organizations globally. The framework can be blended into your company's existing strategic and cultural initiatives.

  • How does it work? +

    Here's a quick overview:

    • Measurement using the online MRI™ survey to create focus and tangibility on the most important customer-centric factors relevant to your strategy.
    • Leadership and team action to drive change that supports your strategy.
    • Monitoring of actions and progress.
    • Subsequent measurement of progress using the MRI™.
  • What's different about the MarketCulture® approach to building a customer-centric company? +

    Probably the biggest difference is that MarketCulture® has identified the eight very tangible business disciplines common to all high-performing customer-centric companies and validated the linkage between improvements in those disciplines and specific business results. As a result the conversation about the benefits of customer centricity is no longer abstract and getting there is achievable.

  • What is the ROI for building a customer-centric company? +

    The ROI is very situational and can be found in many areas, financial and otherwise. For example, it is well known that customer-centric companies outperform their peers in equity markets (see chart). Also, improvement in each of the eight elements of the MarketCulture® Framework has been linked to improvement in specific business outcomes (see matrix). More than 250 companies have benefited and we'd be happy to refer you to their leaders so you can hear about their ROI experience directly from them.

  • What are dynamic capabilities and why are they important? +

    Dynamic capabilities are those that allow a company to adapt and change based on information, knowledge and insights. A company's ability to continue to create value as customer needs change is an example of a dynamic capability we call customer insight. Customer sensing without the ability to react is of limited value, but very common. Customer centricity enables dynamic capabilities because everyone in the organization, and all functional areas, strive to create value for the customer. Read More

  • How can I find out more? +

    Visit our Resources area for videos, books, case studies, articles, whitepapers, and research reports.  Or, please feel free to contact us. We'd be happy to have an exploratory conversation to discuss your situation and answer any question you might have.

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We leverage the proprietary MarketCulture® framework to unlock the value of customer centricity as an enterprise-wide capability to deliver superior business performance.

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