Customer Centricity

Customer Centricity

What We Believe

We believe that customer centricity is the capability to understand, predict, and respond to customer, market and competitor dynamics. We believe that it transcends individual departments and functions, and that it must be an integral part of the way all employees behave and perform, including and especially leaders. We believe that, ultimately, customer centricity must be cultural, a deep social structure of the company based on a mindset that what is best for the customer is best for the business.

The MarketCulture® Framework

The proprietary MarketCulture® framework is at the center of our Customer Centricity practice.  With the MarketCulture® framework as our guide we help leaders build customer-centric companies.

MarketCulture Framework

The MarketCulture® Model

The MarketCulture® Model, developed by Silicon Valley based MarketCulture Strategies, is a validated model that identifies the eight (8) disciplines of a customer culture shared by all high-performing customer-centric companies. In addition the model identifies the predictive linkages between those disciplines and six (6) important business performance outcomes. The model was developed to address the needs of business organizations to assess and implement changes to their organizational culture in a fast-changing world.

The Market Responsiveness Index (MRI™) Survey

The MRI tool measures the eight disciplines of a customer culture. These are the behaviors that drive profits for organizations. The eight disciplines, assessed as employee behaviors, are grouped into two categories, External Drivers and Internal Enablers, as shown in the following table.


Five External Drivers
  Customer Insight

Measures the extent to which employees monitor, understand, and act on current customer needs and satisfaction.   Read More

  Customer Foresight Measures the extent to which employees anticipate customer needs, recognize unspoken needs, consider future needs, and take action to satisfy them.   Read More
  Competitor Insight Measures the extent to which employees monitor, understand, and act on current competitor activities and take action to incorporate these in their actions to improve customer experience.   Read More
  Competitor Foresight Measures the extent to which employees identify and consider possible future competitors and how they might affect the value that will be offered in the future to ensure success in the market.   Read More
  Peripheral Vision

Measures the extent to which employees monitor, understand, and respond to trends in the larger environment.   Read More

Three Internal Enablers
  Empowerment Measures the extent to which employees are able to make decisions that are best for the customer without the explicit approval of senior leaders.   Read More
  Cross-Functional Collaboration Measures the extent to which employees interact and collaborate cross-functionally. This includes behaviors such as spending time with people from other work groups, taking a cross-functional perspective, sharing information, and inviting contributions from others.   Read More
  Strategic Alignment Is the extent to which employees understand, attend to, and enact the vision, mission, objectives and strategic direction of the company in their day-to-day activities.   Read More

The MRI™ Benchmark Database

The MRI Benchmark Database serves as the reference against which responses to the MRI survey instrument are scored. This rapidly expanding database includes the MRI survey data from employees from all functional areas, at every organizational level, for 250+ companies across 25 sectors, with locations in North America, Europe, Middle East, Africa, and Asia. Some of the notable companies represented in the MRI Benchmark Database include:

Customer Centricity Benchmarks

The MRI™ Report

The results of the MRI survey are presented as an MRI Profile circumplex showing a company's score for each of the eight disciplines of customer culture relative to the 250+ companies in the MRI Benchmark Database. The image below shows the MRI Profile for two real companies, one a high customer-centric performer and one a low customer-centric performer. These relative scores closely correlate with business performance metrics. In addition the report includes an overall MRI score, and employee verbatim responses to the survey. Detailed reporting also includes scoring for all employees as well as employees by group, function, business unit, and geographical area.

Real Company MRI

Organizations with high MRI scores report superior performance. Organizations that fail to develop a strong customer culture may be handicapped in their ability to perform in each of the six business performance outcomes. No matter how hard employees work, no matter how efficient an organization is, it may fail to perform at the highest possible level if its customer culture is weak. As such the MRI can serve as an early warning system for future business performance and a gauge of ability to achieve sustainable competitive advantage.

The Customer Culture Action Roadmap

Our goal is to help leaders build customer-centric companies, and ultimately that means taking action.  Following an MRI assessment, companies have a much clearer sense of direction and a stronger agenda for action and transformation. Improvements in customer culture can be driven internally, with support from your existing partners, or by using our advisory services with the Customer Culture Roadmap as your guide.

Customer Culture Action Roadmap

The MarketCulture® Knowledge Base

ViewForward Business Advisors, and our partner MarketCulture Strategies are uniquely positioned to help you take on the challenge of building, strengthening, or revitalizing your customer-centric culture. The MarketCulture Knowledge Base captures the collective experience of the 250+ companies that have benefited from the MarketCulture framework.  Whether there is a need to make improvements in one specific discipline of customer culture or all eight of the disciplines we can draw on that collective experience to ensure we make recommendations with proven results.

Business Performance Outcomes Linkage

One of the most powerful aspects of the MarketCulture Model is the validated linkage between the eight (8) disciplines of customer culture shared by all high-performing customer-centric companies and six very important business performance outcomes as shown in the chart below. The MRI disciplines are a set of unique but related indicators of customer culture, and they combine to predict the six business performance outcomes differently. Specific customer culture disciplines can be targeted to achieve specific business performance goals. In other words, although an across-the-board increase in all MRI disciplines would clearly be beneficial, the MRI tool can be used to identify the most efficient way that improvement in a specific performance area can be achieved. For example, if improving profitability is the goal, improvements in Competitor Insight, Cross-Functional Collaboration, and Strategic Alignment would be the best place to focus efforts.

Business Performance Outcomes

Business Strategy Linkage

Different business strategies require strength in different customer culture disciplines for successful execution. For example, a market penetration strategy focuses on existing markets and customers with current products and services. The strategic objectives are to retain existing customers and to increase revenue and profitability by increasing customer loyalty, and by creating advocates that purchase a wider range of products and services. Customer Insight and Competitor Insight are the two customer culture disciplines to focus on to make this strategy most effective.

The linkage between a wide range of business strategies and the eight customer culture disciplines are well understood and proven in practice by the experience of the 250+ companies in the MRI™ Benchmark database.

The View from the C-Suite

The Board - Identifies critical organizational and management team issues that can impact and impede shareholder value.  By evaluating the customer culture of an organization, boards can empower CEOs and reinvigorate existing management teams in creating dynamic businesses that deliver superior financial results.  The MRI is an easily deployed tool for assessing risks and driving effective change in a company's customer, market and competitive responsiveness.

The CEO - Helps CEOs create market-aware business cultures that are more strategically aligned and drive superior results and long-term competitive advantage.  Customer culture across the enterprise results in highly competitive organizations and more satisfied customers, increased innovation and faster time to market.  At a time when it is more difficult than ever to build sustainable advantage and exceptional return on assets, CEOs need to be certain they have the right people and organization mindset in place to win.  The MRI is an easily deployed tool for measuring and ultimately transforming organizational effectiveness and alignment.

The CFO - People are a company's most critical and costly asset; so measuring and improving their effectiveness in driving customer value, market responsiveness and competitive-readiness is essential to delivering a higher return on investment and reducing costs.  The MRI provides a new quantifiable measurement tool that can help CFOs identify areas of risk and underperformance across their companies to assist CEOs in driving business performance improvement and transformation.

The CMO - The role of today's CMO is expanding and transforming to embrace greater responsibility for business growth, measurability, customer engagement and alignment of marketing goals and strategies across the enterprise.  The MRI can help CMOs become more effective and respected in their new role by imbuing their marketing organizations and the wider enterprise with the necessary skills, attitudes and collaborative mindset to become more innovative and responsive to customer needs and market opportunities.  Instilling a customer culture across the enterprise is the new marketing mandate - aligning the CMO and CEO in a critical effort to build stronger and more competitive market-facing organizations.

The CHRO - HR must find more effective tools and processes for identifying, attracting, developing and integrating talent across the enterprise.  Helping build organizations that are more strategically aligned, customer-responsive, market-responsive, and skilled in areas that actually drive better business outcomes represents the highest value HR can bring to the organization and the CEO.  The MRI brings powerful new capabilities to HR departments for re-skilling, upgrading and aligning personnel to create more dynamic, innovative and winning organizations.


Consultancy and Advice:

  • Strategic Roadmap Development
  • Workshop Design and Materials
  • Accrediting Internal MRI Experts

MRI Implementation and Reporting

  • Benchmarks, Targets and Action Plan Guides
  • Action Planning and Review Workshops

Customer-Centric Leadership

  • Identification and Interviews with Customer-Centric Leaders
  • Customer-Centric Leader Best Practices

Customer-Centric Skills Workshops

  • Functional Skills + Mindset Development (e.g. Customer Centricity for Finance)


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