Customer Centricity

The View from the C-Suite

The Board - Identifies critical organizational and management team issues that can impact and impede shareholder value.  By evaluating the customer culture of an organization, boards can empower CEOs and reinvigorate existing management teams in creating dynamic businesses that deliver superior financial results.  The MRI is an easily deployed tool for assessing risks and driving effective change in a company's customer, market and competitive responsiveness.

The CEO - Helps CEOs create market-aware business cultures that are more strategically aligned and drive superior results and long-term competitive advantage.  Customer culture across the enterprise results in highly competitive organizations and more satisfied customers, increased innovation and faster time to market.  At a time when it is more difficult than ever to build sustainable advantage and exceptional return on assets, CEOs need to be certain they have the right people and organization mindset in place to win.  The MRI is an easily deployed tool for measuring and ultimately transforming organizational effectiveness and alignment.

The CFO - People are a company's most critical and costly asset; so measuring and improving their effectiveness in driving customer value, market responsiveness and competitive-readiness is essential to delivering a higher return on investment and reducing costs.  The MRI provides a new quantifiable measurement tool that can help CFOs identify areas of risk and underperformance across their companies to assist CEOs in driving business performance improvement and transformation.

The CMO - The role of today's CMO is expanding and transforming to embrace greater responsibility for business growth, measurability, customer engagement and alignment of marketing goals and strategies across the enterprise.  The MRI can help CMOs become more effective and respected in their new role by imbuing their marketing organizations and the wider enterprise with the necessary skills, attitudes and collaborative mindset to become more innovative and responsive to customer needs and market opportunities.  Instilling a customer culture across the enterprise is the new marketing mandate - aligning the CMO and CEO in a critical effort to build stronger and more competitive market-facing organizations.

The CHRO - HR must find more effective tools and processes for identifying, attracting, developing and integrating talent across the enterprise.  Helping build organizations that are more strategically aligned, customer-responsive, market-responsive, and skilled in areas that actually drive better business outcomes represents the highest value HR can bring to the organization and the CEO.  The MRI brings powerful new capabilities to HR departments for re-skilling, upgrading and aligning personnel to create more dynamic, innovative and winning organizations.

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We leverage the proprietary MarketCulture® framework to unlock the value of customer centricity as an enterprise-wide capability to deliver superior business performance.

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