Customer Centricity

Business Strategy Linkage

Different business strategies require strength in different customer culture disciplines for successful execution. For example, a market penetration strategy focuses on existing markets and customers with current products and services. The strategic objectives are to retain existing customers and to increase revenue and profitability by increasing customer loyalty, and by creating advocates that purchase a wider range of products and services. Customer Insight and Competitor Insight are the two customer culture disciplines to focus on to make this strategy most effective.

The linkage between a wide range of business strategies and the eight customer culture disciplines are well understood and proven in practice by the experience of the 250+ companies in the MRI™ Benchmark database.

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We leverage the proprietary MarketCulture® framework to unlock the value of customer centricity as an enterprise-wide capability to deliver superior business performance.

ViewForward Business Advisors, LLC is based in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex and we serve clients throughout Texas and nationwide.

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